This is the hardest part of the website to write. I find writing about yourself to be weird but I will give it a go. I have lived on the Sunshine Coast close to my whole life . My parents migrated here from Melbourne in the 70s. I went to Yandina and Buderim Primary School and Maroochydore High School. I have have been married to my remarkably tolerant wife for over 20 years.  We have two kids and  live on average near the Big Pineapple with various pets. Despite me dreading the mowing every year and yelling at my vintage ride on mower periodically I could not imagine living anywhere else.

I have not always been a wedding photographer. In my 20s and early 30s I was a professional musician. I played guitar and sang around the pubs and clubs on the Sunshine Coast and Queensland. I also taught guitar for years. I was the guitar teacher at Matthew Flinders Anglican College at Buderim and also in the teaching rooms at the music shops. I also played a lot of weddings in a four piece band I was in. To be honest it was a much easier gig than being a wedding photographer.

Also I founded, owned an eventually sold a successful IT business. We specialised in servicing business’s. The business’s we serviced were Legal, Medical, Accounting Firms and that sort of thing. I only mention this to hopefully point out that I do truly understand how important it is to supply a quality service and experience.

In my spare time I enjoy reading , playing guitar, spending time with family and walking our rescue dog. I actually also enjoy photography in my spare time. I have a number of projects that I work on. Showing my Melbourne roots I also enjoy watching AFL footy. Enjoy is actually the wrong word. I take it far too seriously. For decades the Richmond Football Club tormented me by being terrible. Happily they finally won a grand final in 2017.